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Offer applies only to Ketsch putters manufactured January 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014. Ketsch putters manufactured after that date with serial numbers beginning with 3333, are not eligible for this promotion.
If you are unable to read the serial number on your putter, let us help. Upload a photo.
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If you are unable to read the serial number on your putter, let us help. Upload a photo.
Ketsch Putter Gift/Exchange Offer.

Thank you for purchasing our popular Ketsch putter, currently being used on Tours around the world. Recently we discovered the grooves in the face technology are deeper than intended. This occurred with all Ketsch putters manufactured prior to July 31, 2014. If you purchased one of these Ketsch putters from an authorised PING dealer, PING is pleased to provide you with the following two options:

  1. A gift $30 (or equivalent), payable into your bank account (allow 3-4 weeks for processing); or
  2. Exchange your current Ketsch putter for a Ketsch putter with new grooves (allow 6-8 weeks for the exchange process)

PING stands behind the technology and performance of its products and thanks you for your continued loyalty.

To receive your gift of $30 (or equivalent) or exchange your Ketsch putter, please complete the form below. Upon receipt of your form, a PING representative will contact you to arrange your putter exchange directly through PING or an authorised PING retailer; or to gather your bank information for the delivery of the gift of $30 (or equivalent).

Serial Number must be 8 characters long. Having trouble reading the number? Upload a picture and we will help.

General Terms and Conditions

Purchases must have been made between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 from an authorised PING dealer worldwide. All claims must be submitted and received by June 30th, 2015 and include the serial number and the name of the authorised dealer. This offer may not be combined with any other offers and in particular, the acceptance of the gift or replacement Ketsch Putter, are mutually exclusive. PING reserves the right to confirm identification and request additional proof of purchase to substantiate the claim. PING is not responsible for lost, stolen, illegible, incomplete or misdirected submissions. PING reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse any claim. To check the status of your claim please e-mail [email protected]

Gift Terms:

You must notify us of the bank account sort code, account number and as appropriate IBAN number to which payment is to be made. Please allow three to four weeks after submission for payment to be processed. After payment PING will have no further obligation to you under the Ketsch Putter Gift Offer.

Exchange Programme Terms:

You can choose from either of two methods by which you can exchange your Ketsch putter.

The first is directly with Ping. You will be responsible for sending your Ketsch Putter back to your nearest Ping Office. Within 2 months following receipt of your putter Ping will deliver directly to you your new Ketsch putter, the specifications of which will match the specifications of the exchanged putter when it was built as per the serial number.

The alternative method is for you to deal with your nominated Ping authorised retailer. If you nominate a retailer on your submission form, then rather than you shipping the club back to Ping directly you are able to effect the exchange with the retailer to ensure you have no time without a putter. Under this procedure, once your details have been submitted, Ping will deliver to the nominated retailer your new Ketsch putter matching the specifications of the exchanged putter when it was built as per the serial number notified. Ping will notify you of that delivery date, likely to be within two months following submission of your application, enabling you to collect your new Ketsch putter from the retailer and hand over your exchange Ketsch putter to the retailer.

There is a limit of only one refund or exchange per serial number.

Acceptance of the $30 (or equivalent) gift offer or the replacement Ketsch Putter offer shall be in full and final settlement of all or any claims arising from the depth of grooves in your originally purchased Ketsch Putter but for the avoidance of doubt your statutory rights are unaffected.